Saturday 10 May 2014

A Place Of Madness Than Dances With Your Mind!

So here we are, the weekends arrived and as far as the majority of Catworld is concerned it's another normal weekend. 
The darker Naughty Twin is running back and forth across the road, no doubt trying to hurry M up and get his breakfast ready.
His brother is hanging out by the Swinging Heart of Love, I suspect waiting for River to get up and go outside so he can wind her up.

George meanwhile is hanging out by the front window, a look of trepidation on his face. I nodded to him through the window and he nodded back, we're not going until later on tonight. I decided to let him just have his space, reserve his energy and collect his thoughts, he's going to need it! Tonight is going to be very tiring for him, for tonight is the night he faces an even bigger challenge than he did last time he went to The Lane of Bells. 

Although all cats can choose to go to the Lane of Bells whenever the situation deems it, many cats choose never to go, it's a place that myth and legends are made of, a place where anything can happen, as he found out. It's one of the most sacred places for cats, it's also a place that many cats never return from, trapped forever in a hell of their own making, a place of madness that dances with your mind! 

His time approaches, I hope he's ready for we need George to be able to speak again. I need to know what Troy Lamore told him as a greater time approaches as foretold by Doublay. Catkind needs him as we all need to get ready for THE TIME!