Saturday 24 May 2014

A Little Out Of Character

M and R came over a little earlier to thank Daddy for looking out for Emma while they were away on holiday. I thought I hadn't seen Mogsie around but as ever news doesn't take long to spread.

He came over with them but escorted them back home and then popped back over again shortly afterwards, I thought to see if he could communicate with me but something a little out of his character happened, he just say by the car looking in here with a serious look on his face, no hello Lil' or are you there Lil' or anything.

I called out his name but no movement at all, I tapped on the window and walked up and down the ledge but nothing. The thing is I'm not sure if he didn't notice me or if he did and he just wasn't reacting. I'm going to have to catch George and ask him to speak to Mogsie who didn't look happy at all!