Saturday, 24 May 2014

It's A Miracle, Appear Out Of No Where

River and the Daddies have been out all afternoon and evening and have just come back in very late. I was so glad to see them and jumped up behind Stay Daddy just to be close to him I missed him being out so long it's been ages since we've been apart from each other so long.

They've been to London to celebrate with friends Disappears Daddy has got a new job and he's going to be working closer to home which is fantastic as he'll be home a lot more.

They were talking about the night and the most amazing thing has happened.

A long time ago when we lived in London we got burgled, I remember it very well although luckily I was living here with Disappears Daddy. They didn't get away with much thankfully but one thing they did take was a bracelet of Nannies.

Anyway tonight all of a sudden Stay daddy went into his pocket that he's been into many times before and pulled out the missing bracelet. It's a miracle, it definitely wasn't in there before he said and he'd even put his hand in there about a dozen times today and nothing was there. If only he knew what I knew but it's given me an idea, if Nanny can make something appear out of no where maybe I can do that too to let them know I'm around. Now I just have to thing what!