Monday 19 May 2014

George's Nights With Troy Lamore

It's been a beautiful day here in Catworld, the hottest day I think of the whole year. Oh how I wished I could feel the warmth on my skin but that it now a thing of the past, still I did enjoy sitting outside with Daddy and River who were both just zonked out my the heat. Poor little River panting away, when will she learn to stay out of the sun it just doesn't agree with her with all that hair.

Anyway the heat kept the cats indoors all day, they are not as big sun lovers as I am but as the heat of the day subsided George came over, sitting himself out the front where it's nice and cool.

He had a serious look on his face and said it was time for him to tell me about his night's with Troy Lamore.

Night's in the plural, so there had been more than one! I didn't want to interrupt his flow and settled down next to him, I didn't want to miss a word.

I first met Troy, he began, a long time ago way before you ever came to live here. I was much younger then and I'm ashamed to say I wasn't quiet the cat I am now.

I think he could pick up that I wasn't exactly reading through the lines, took a deep breath and continued.

Back then, I put it about a bit, I was a bit of a player and had much to learn about respect for the ladies, and I'd found myself in a bit of a pickle. I was in a relationship with Emma, but I'd managed to get Lucy pregnant.

Nannies Lucy? I interjected.

Yes, she did end up moving in with your Nan, it was the fallout from everything, she just couldn't bear to be around me anymore and it was also a condition that Emma put on us continuing to see each other. I didn't treat either one of them very well.

He looked still ashamed.

Troy first turned up just as I'd discovered that Lucy was pregnant and I was in a right state, I just didn't know how to handle any of it. I was scared stiff of Emma finding out and leaving me and Lucy's due date was getting nearer and nearer. I'd persued Emma relentlessly and finally she had given in to my advances, we hadn't chosen our time carefully and time was running out.

He turned and looked me in the eye.

It wasn't her fault, I take full responsibility.

I was out in the back garden on my own sitting under the tree when I heard a voice call out from the darkness. I hadn't heard anyone enter the garden and it gave me a bit of a start.

You OK my friend, you look like you have lots on your mind, came the voice that I later learned belonged to my dear friend Troy Lamore.

I don't know why, maybe it was because I just needed to speak to someone not connected to the situation or maybe it was because his soft voice just instigated a sense of trust that I nodded and he walked over and sat by me and I told him all about the situation.

i could totally identify with that but nothing wanting to interrupt I just nodded.

Troy listen throughout my self pitying tale of woe, half way through producing some rather lovely chicken pieces which we shared. I'd not been eating but talking everything out had suddenly made me feel hungry and I took a mouthful before continuing.

Hours I must have talked and all the time his kindly face showed the greatest interest and concern, occasionally nodding but never really saying much. I didn't feel at all judged by him and when I finished it felt like a great big weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I asked him for his opinion and he said that he thought it best I speak to both of them and just be honest about everything. Timing was everything, that and open communication and even if things didn't turn out the way that I'd hoped it wasn't a situation that could be avoided any longer. 

I knew he was right I loved Emma and didn't want to lose her but I couldn't keep her by deception and as much as I was attracted to Lucy and had strong feelings towards her they just weren't the same.

I resolved to talk to them both the following day and get everything out in the open and Troy smiled at me. It was the right thing to do, I knew it all along but he somehow gave me the confidence to tackle it.

By this time we'd been talking most of the night and I could hear the dawn chorus. I'd been so absorbed with my own problems that I'd not even asked Troy a single question, he told me that there would be time for that but he must be off now he had a bus to catch, something about visiting some friends in Ireland and if he missed the bus he might miss his connecting ferry but he would be very grateful if I looked after an item for him and he produced an envelope.

An envelope, I wondered for a moment what that was all about but said nothing.

After all the help he had given me in clarifying things in my mind it was the least I could do and happily agreed, George continued.

I spoke to both Emma and Lucy the next day, it didn't go well I'm afraid. Emma didn't speak to me for weeks and Lucy, well as soon as she had our kittens she moved out and we never spoke again. I'd managed to break two hearts with my selfishness although over time Emma and I tried again but it was never the same and we broke up permanently a few months later. 

I only had myself to blame and I knew it but unfortunately over time I forgot the lesson and was destined to almost repeat the same thing with you and Sarah.

That was the second time that I met Troy, you had moved here and we'd been getting very close if you remember.

I remembered alright but I had forgiven George and had moved forward but still hearing it brought a little twinge to my heart. I didn't want to interrupt his flow or particularly visit old times like that, I just nodded so he knew to carry on.

Funnily enough I was sitting back under that tree thinking what on earth to do, you'd found out that I had begun to see Sarah and I was avoiding you. Funny how we can repeat the same mistakes, I guess that was my lesson to learn.

There I was feeling ashamed again when I heard him call out from the darkness.

Hello my old friend how things?

If only I'd known then what I know now I wouldn't have been surprised that just as I could do with his friendly ear and good advice he would turn up. Such kindness from a stranger that would become so ingrained in my life

Again just like before I opened up and spilled everything out about you and Sarah and what a terrible mess I'd made again and how I could kick myself for making the same mistake.

He just smiled and gave me his shoulder to lean on, I could have cried you know Lil' at the hurt I'd caused you.

It's OK, I said, that's all in the past and you know you are forgiven George, when I really needed you there you were and you mustn't beat yourself up about that anymore. 

I smiled. At least we weren't in quite the same situation.

George smiled back, I think hearing that finally put it to bed for him and he continued.

I should have known the advice he would give, it was the same as before, again communicate, talk to you both about what had been going on. Well Sarah as you know already knew and as difficult as it was I knew I needed to stop avoiding you and I did, and came and spoke to you the very next day.

The sun was beginning to come up and Troy got up, said he needed to be off he was off on an adventure, something about locating some buried treasures way over in Hawaii so it was a long trip ahead of him.

It was then as we were saying our goodbyes that I suddenly remembered the envelope he had given me all those years before. I'd kept it very safe, hidden under the sunshine shed and asked him if he would like it. He asked me to keep hold of it and that if I wouldn't mind he had another one he'd like me to look after. 

Well it was the least I could do and gladly agreed and with that he was off.

The third time he turned up was just after Christmas last year. Thankfully I hadn't repeated my mistakes from the past and so was a little surprised when I heard him call out my name. That tree will always remind me of him.

Hello old chum. Troy said as we settled down and he passed me some beef scraps he'd had upon him and he asked if I wouldn't mind getting the two envelopes he had trusted me with.

Of course I didn't and quickly ran off to get them both. Returning I passed them to him but he shook his head and asked me to open them both and read what was inside.

Lil' I was dumbfounded inside each was a letter to me and each one detailed exactly what would happen in each of those two situations with Lucy moving out and Emma eventually moving in with Mogsie and Twizzle.

The second said that you would eventually forgive me but that thing with Sarah but Sarah and I wouldn't work out but that I would learn my lesson second time around and it would take the twice to understand that no matter what communication was the key to solving life's problems. I didn't understand how he could have known everything that happened and I must admit I just stared at him open mouthed. I mean who was Troy Lamore?

Oh I could answer that one for George, but that was for a later date.

Troy smiled back and then asked if I trusted him. Of course I did he had amazed me and then handed me a third letter which I have hear for you to read but he said I wasn't to open it for exactly 30 days which I did to the day. The day after you passed!

With that he handed me the envelope and I unfolded the paper inside and began to read.

Dear George,

You find yourself in a time of great loss and sorrow for Catworld but this sorrow will soon be replaced with a time of joy, a joy that must be kept to yourself until the time comes for others to join you. I trust you have remembered the importance of communication for shortly you are to be called upon to do just that, to be the first in Catworld to communicate with the one who has gone.

I know this may sound scary but fear not dear friend for the return has been foretold and it's vital that you listen to yourself and persevere as this is not going to be an easy task but it is your task, a task of huge importance.

There's not an easy journey ahead of you, there will be trials and tribulations, just has there have been in the past which have led you to this point, but fear not the judgement's, the journeys these are ones you are destined to go on for the sake of all Catkind for The Time Is Coming!

You'll know when the time is right to tell all about our times together to the one who has gone, you'll be asked for help three times, listen out for it carefully for then you shall know that the time is right.

Remember the universe has a way of guiding us and the triumphs and the mistakes are all a part of it. Trust dear George trust that if you take a wrong turn the universe will step, in at this stage, to keep you on the right path but it will not always be like that, the ultimate outcome is not yet fixed.

You are not alone in this endeavour, others will reveal themselves when their time is right, for before you all is the greatest battle to have befallen Catkind, a battle that has been fought time and time again but now wakes once more from it's slumber .

You must work together to prevent a great evil from occurring with dire consequences for us all if you don't work together, there will be a choice to make and one will asked to be saved, the one who is trapped, make the choice carefully.

I implore you do not return to a place of great danger a third time, that is not the way, no matter how hard you are tempted or how hard one tries to persuade you for The Time Is Coming George, the time is coming for the return of The Queen of Catkind!

Great luck my friends and remember all that you have learned for you shall need to call on those lessons. Troy Lamore.

I turned to look George my eyes wide open, I could hardly believe it and certainly couldn't say it out loud so I mouthed the words - The Queen of Catkind!

He nodded back.