Saturday 10 May 2014

Good Luck

Poor George he must be so very nervous. He's sitting under the tree over the road and by the look of him doing a lot of thinking. Mind you he's been to The Lane of Bells before and not that long ago so at least he kind of knows what to expect. 

Myself I've never been but I've heard tales of what can occur there, I say what can occur as each time you go you can have a very different experience. It's not a place that us cats choose to go to without a great deal of thought, it's a place where your fears are faced, sometimes literally and let's face it last time he lost his ability to speak so he must be petrified. After tonight, fingers crossed I'll be able to properly talk to him again and get some answers that have been burning inside of me.

Doublay just popped over to wish us good luck and he said he would pop over and see if he was OK, which he did and when he got past George he turned back and winked at me, I must admit I wish Doublay was also coming with us but it's something we must do together.