Thursday 8 May 2014

The Time Is Coming!

It was a slow start to the day, the Daddies and River all seemed to be very tired and there wasn't the usual buzz about the morning. I decided to stay upstairs and watch out to see if I could see George or Doublay specifically.

Almost as if out of nowhere Doublay appeared on the sunshine shed, staring up towards the bedroom window, right in my direction.

I ran downstairs, I needed to know more, I felt ready. I don't know why I felt ready, it was different than feeling impatience or curious, I more than wanted to know or needed to know through a sense of urgently, I just felt it was the right time.

I jumped up next to Doublay and he looked at me. 

Good morning Lil', he said

Hello, I replied. I...

I know Lil', I was told, he interrupted.

Troy told me to tell you not to allow confusion to confuse you.


I may seem like I'm talking in riddles but my instructions where very clear. Oh yes and by the way I do know everything you are about to say, well most things anyway.

His knowledge really was dumbfounding me.

I'm ready to know, I said

I have a question to ask you now Lil' and you must answer it honestly as I was told you would.

OK, go on then.

Are you ready to accept.

Accept what?

Accept everything that is yet to happen no matter how large the consequences or how big the danger.


Good then I can tell you Lil'. 

He paused again. 

The time is coming, a time of great peril, a time to face something so big that it could change the whole future of Catkind, something that involves not just you and me and George and Catworld but something that can change everyone's world. You Lil' are central to this. You Lil' have one of the most important parts to play in all of this but I cannot tell you what for fear that it will change your perspective and alter what must be. Troy came and visited me and he told me he had come to all those who would be major players who together would fight for the survival of Catkind. Ultimately there will be a choice and a sacrifice so great that it will ache in the bones of all the worlds cats. This choice Lil' you will have a role in. Troy has been trying to help us for for some time, think back to your experiences with him and draw on them, they happened to prepare you as George loosing his ability to speak has now become a part of it all but it's now time for George to return to The Lane of Bells Lil' for THE TIME IS COMING. THE TIME!