Tuesday 28 April 2015

A Bursting Edge Of A Gossip Bag

I've had a very productive afternoon. 

I didn't manage to get to George in time, by the time I gathered up my courage to peak out the front from the gate he was gone.

I must admit I got angry with myself, if only I'd moved faster, if only I'd been more familiar with the territory around the side of the house I might have managed to get there to him before he disappeared and I wouldn't be standing here now knowing what had happened to Ginger Cat with a bursting edge of a gossip bag stuck in my chest.

Now I've heard Daddy say about turning anger into motivation and I did just that and strutted up the side of the garage to the edge where it disappears around a corner and sat down looking all around me.

To the front of me, the Peace Garden, supposedly a place of great serenity but I get a funny feeling when I look at it, de-ja-vu of some kind, it's not a place I think I'll be visiting much. 

A fence runs all the way around each side of the garden, good for using as a high wire walkway and convenient for getting to the top of the garage. 

A few bushes to the right, a tree in bloom and some nasty looking blackberry bushes, must avoid that don't want to scratch myself. Snow White and her little friends, a mole, an Easter Island Head, 2 Gnomes and some old bloke with a wonky head make up the garden people and of course the lawn that River likes to lay on sunbathing stretches from border to border.

Yes think that's got the lay of the land, knowledge is power and I could do with a teaspoon full of that at the moment.

Now I just need to measure some distances out the front to calculate a maximum speed I can go if need be, oh yes preparation to key right now, I'm going it alone!