Sunday 5 April 2015

Calling My Name

There! Just there! That cat just sat there at the end of the Peace Garden, up by The Swinging Heart of Love.

I noticed him as I was having an after breakfast clean on the table. Subtle and half hidden by the leaves of Squirrel Tree that black cat, Doublay I believe he's called, just sitting just staring.

I nodded to him to show him some recognition but no nod back, no smile no nothing for ages, just stare and then all of a sudden he opened his mouth and out it came.

"David-Shiro come join me."

I was shocked, we'd never been introduced and there he was just sitting there calling my name in a pretty scary way. I didn't know what to do so I jumped down and went to the back door flap and looked out.

"David-Shiro, come join me." He called again.

I tapped the flap to see if it was unlocked and it was. There was something hypnotic about the way he pronounced my name, something drawing me forwards and I pocked my head through without even thinking, my left paw followed my right up off the ground about to repeat the action...

...and then two little excitable paws on my back brought me back in the room, back to the present as River tried to get past me and out the flap first.

I looked at her and then back to where Doublay was sitting but he was gone and the moment felt real again.

What on earth was all that about?