Friday 10 April 2015

What Went On

Oh dear it's certainly been one of those days. Everything started out OK, I was looking out the window to see if George was around, I wanted to hear all about the conversation with Ginger Cat then the postman knocked very loudly on the door, several times. This woke River up and a surge of hormones must have kicked in as she spent the next half an hour chasing me around the house panting.

Daddy brought down the blinds to keep out distractions and got her settled down again and I returned to my place in the window looking for George.

Then River woke up again and we had a repeat of the first Formula Grand Prix all around the house, Daddy chasing, River laughing, me just trying to keep out of the way but secretly enjoying myself and encouraging her.
Well then Daddy said he might as well have lunch and cooked himself a nice bowl of soup and settled down to eat it and watch the news. River decided the fun and games weren't over with yet and jumped on me from behind. It surprised me and as I sprung up I got my paw caught in her hair and she yelped.

Up daddy stood to make sure we were OK, down dropped his roll into said soup, said soup on the floor, on the stool, on the cover he washed yesterday and all down his legs. He was not happy and said that was it he was writing the day off.

He's out in the kitchen now putting the washing machine on, good news though River seems to have settled a little and is enjoying giving me a clean. Wow these hormone surges are something else.

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