Monday 20 April 2015

And Now We Move Forward

It's been another hot day and we've both been finding it hard to summon up the energy to do much I must admit to wondering that if Spring is like this what on earth must Summer be like?
Daddy then called to River to say they were going out to visit some Auntie lady. I never get to go with them when they go out, Daddy said cats stay at home which seems a bit discriminatory to me but then again it's taken me ages to get out in the back garden so I suppose I should build up to stowing away in the car.

They were gone for ages and  got a bit bored so pulled myself together enough to move to the window to see if George was around. He wasn't but Mogsie was, sunbathing over the other side of the road.

I tapped on the window, nothing, then I taped a second time and he looked over my way, smiled and nodded.

I was so shocked, finally some recognition and nice recognition at that.

I smiled back and nodded and mouthed hello, Mogsie did the same before turning back to the sun and closing his eyes. A smile a nod and a hello all in one day, and now finally we move forward although what prompted this sudden change I have no idea and I'm not complaining either.