Monday 27 April 2015

Ginger Cats Been Seen!

As good as my word I've spent the whole morning practising going in and out of the garden in the day light, I'm getting quiet good at it and then I heard a noise coming from out the front.
I ran straight in the house and up to the front window I thought I recognised the voice calling to me but River was in the way. Luckily I had heard a rumor that Daddy might be taking her out this afternoon and ran up to tell her. She got all excited and of course ran to Daddy who taking one look at her got his coat on and her brace out.
She jumped down, I jumped down, chaos of course but things settled once they'd gone down the road and George spoke again.

"Hello," It was lovely to see him but before I could go any further;

"He's back, he's back, Ginger Cats been seen!"

And with that off he ran.