Thursday 23 April 2015

No Time Like The Present

Although I've been practicing going outside during the night time I haven't really master day light hours yet and I'm feeling rather bad about not really putting in much effort trying to find Greego's lost thing, even though he hasn't given me much to go on, so when I saw the back door as open and River and Daddy was outside I thought no time like the present and stepped out.
River came running straight up to me, all happy and tail wagging and was so eager to play that I didn't have the heart to tell her I had other plans so I told her we'd play hide and seek to buy a bit of time.
Up the garden she ran and started counting...

...and I hid behind the wooden box so she couldn't see me, I guess the point of hide and seek although I did feel bad tricking her.

I just needed to buy some time until she got bored and started barking over the fence again before i went exploring, exploring for clues as to where this wood could be. I don't know about a wood, the back gardens looking a little jungle like, time to get out the trimmers!
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