Saturday 25 April 2015

In The Tree Tops

It's been a funny old day, rain and sun, and people coming and going to see Daddy as it's his birthday weekend.

I went to have a sleep upstairs when the Daddymummy came to visit and when I came down River and I had a little cuddle on the chair. The Daddies and their friend went out for the afternoon so we spent a good hour or so cleaning each other before having a bit of a play out in the back garden. I'm getting very good at this back garden thing now, I think I'll try over the fence this week.

When they came back I saw them telling River all about their day and I had a listen in. 

First they went to visit some Ape in a wood. Now this got my attention, a wood, yes I need information on woods and what to expect when I find the right one to go and look for Greego's thing and came much closer to have a proper see.

So what I've learnt is that in woods you have to move about in the tree tops. How on earth I'm ever supposed to master that I've no idea.

Daddy seemed to love it...

That girls got a tight grip!

Well it left me all a bit shocked, this wood thing gets harder by the day where will it ever end?

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