Thursday 2 April 2015

No Effort

All day I've been waiting for George to pop over, he's been out in the sun but I'd not been able to get his attention and then finally I saw him out the hallway window. Only trouble was there's not a window in there that opens but as it's been a warm day I know Daddy has the living room windows open.
I went in there to speak to him and then I saw River. 
I could guess what was about to happen, she'd already called him once and it made him jump, to much racket and he'd be off before I got the chance to speak to him so I had to act fast and jumped up on the stool behind her as loudly as I could. I had to get her attention away from him. 

It worked! The only trouble was she decided it was time to give me a bathe. Oh well I may as well give in, I wouldn't get any peace unless I did.

She's very thorough, too thorough by the time she'd finished George had gone. Drat! Still at least I'm nice and clean with no effort from me.