Thursday 16 April 2015

To Break The Spell

Nice and quiet that's how us cats like to wake up in the morning, but not today, oh no River seems intent on letting the world know she's awake and ready for action. 

Hang on a second, who's that she's barking at? 

Oh it's a cat hiding up the tree. I've not seen him around here before, from his markings I think it must be Logan the cat daddy was talking to his friend M about the other day.

Wow, he's a fast mover, navigating his way through Squirrel Tree in the blink of an eye and across the fence.

So quick River's not even noticed.


Oh dear, River is my best friend but I have to laugh whenever a cat outwits a dog, it's in our DNA to support each other, and in our veins to be nimble and apparently it's in River's DNA to break the spell of peace too!

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