Wednesday 23 October 2013

We'll Leave The Wit There Shall We

George has been hanging around here all afternoon. I just don't know what I'm feeling let alone thinking about him but I think I'd better make my mind up soon. It was obvious he wanted my attention and I'm guessing to talk, but between him and Mogsie and all that business earlier on this year with them both I'm not going to be rushed into anything.
I was up sitting with Daddy in the front window when I first spotted him looking directly in from C's pathway. Daddy pointed it out and teased me saying your boyfriends come to see you Lil'! Um well we'll leave the wit there shall we daddy, talk about embarrassing.
I pretended not to see him I just wasn't in the mood today for a deep and meaningful and after a while, I was keeping a little look out from the corner of my eye, he moved around and then I spotted him looking through the blinds as me.

He definitely saw that I'd noticed him, by this time Daddy had opened the window because the sun was out and it does get very hot in the front of the house.

Damn I was busted, luckily for me my coat is thick and he couldn't see me blushing and I pretended to find something very interesting by the car on the pathway and turned and looked out that way. I know it was a bit rude but he's the last person who should sit in judgement of someone's behaviour.

I couldn't get away with it a third time as he walked right in my line of sight and shouted out my name.

Oh cringe, I smiled at him then head butted Daddy for a stroke, anything to break the awkward moment.

George stayed there just calling out my name and me being me I did what I usually did in these situations, pretended there was something very important that I suddenly needed to do and jumped off Daddy and headed towards the TV.

Actually there is something very important I need to do, well when I say need I mean want to do. River's asleep on the sofa and I think a bit of a wind up is in order.