Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Rub The Lucky Cat

Finally the office is mine to do as I wished in, I did go in there earlier but Daddy was busy and when I jumped on the table for some attention he said I had to go out. Tut!
Still it's all mine now and when I was up there having another look at the Little Lemon Tree I spotted Mogsie hiding himself under R's car. What am I to do with him I wish I could make a clear decision and stick with it but hey emotions are involved so confusion says hello, it's often the way.

I think I'll take Daddies advice and rub the Lucky Cat maybe it will help me make a decision and stick to it. Actually I think I'll give it another rub for Daddy to help him so he win's the lottery and can play with me and River all day, that way there will never be any problem about him being too busy. Yes that's what I'll do!