Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Happy Birthday River - Is He Taking The Mick?

Oh we were up so early this morning, I wondered what all the fuss was about and then I heard the daddies saying Happy Birthday to River. Wow that's crept up on us, I can remember when she first came here a shy, tiny, tiny ball of fluff who slept most of the day. Happy days indeed!

Disappears daddy took River out and I stayed indoors with Stay until they came back and then after hearing a lot of hullabaloo downstairs I thought I'd best make an appearance.

Just in time to watch River pull egg all over the floor, she really hasn't learned many table manners this past year. Still it's her birthday I'm not going to be telling her off or anything so I called over Happy Birthday. I feel a bit bad for not getting her a present myself but I'm sure I was included in the stuff that the daddies brought her.

 Well she certainly seemed to be liking her teddies, I think I'll attach my name to those.

I'm not so chuffed with the ball with a cats face on it, is he taking the mick or what?

Oh yes I see he is!

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