Wednesday 23 October 2013

That Was So Much Fun

Oh that was so much fun. 

I've just crept up on River and made her jump. She was all nice and rested on the sofa, snoring away as she does sometimes. I waited until I was really close and then leapt making as much noise as I could. I knew it wouldn't take her long to get up and running so I ran across the sideboard, onto the floor, hearing little snorts not far behind me, up onto the table before jumping down right past her, up to my food, a quick Dreamies in my mouth and I was off again. 

She can't make it up the stairs, she tried once and got herself a bit scared and hasn't attempted it again so I know it's always a refuge for me so headed that way before turning around again and leaping right past her, over the sofa and up onto the sideboard for a second time where I parked myself and just meowed at her.

Ahh bless she's got herself so excited but there's no way she can get up here. Triple bonus, I had a work out, wound up River and it took my mind of the George situation. Us cats really are resourceful.

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