Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Anyway, He Opened The Door And I Run In

Well it didn't take too long for the word to get out that Mogsie was back up and running/protecting Catworld, Doublay's just come-a-calling.
Daddy popped down to see what mischief River's been getting up to, when she's quiet you know it;s time to investigate, and he left the office door open. I didn't mind too much today I've been feeling really sleepy and bless him but he's not the quietest person to be around when he's working, all that non-stop chatter can sometimes drive you a little crazy when all you want to do is sleep.
Anyway, he open's the door and I run in, wanting to claim my space on my chair for the afternoon but couldn't because the remnants of which looks like a crisp sandwich are scattered all across it. It's a shock when you jump up and skid on a plate but my deft cat feet are a bonus and I sprang delicately up onto the window ledge just in time to see Mogsie walking away in one direction and Doublay walking away in the other.
Damn I've missed all the action, but neither seemed to be in an agitated state so I feel I can safely assume they had a nice little chat and Doublay was just coming to see how he was. Ah peace reigns once again in Catworld. Just as I like it!