Saturday 19 October 2013

The Oddest Couples

A hive of cleaning activity has been taking place here this morning, ever since Stay Daddy got up. He started it yesterday, mind you he;s like it most days and then when Disappears got up he joined in. When it all moved upstairs I saw my chance to step up in the front window. River hates the hoover and was playing outside so it was a clear run.

That's when I saw the lighter Naughty Twin frolicking about outside in the rain. What on earth is she playing at, it's pouring down, mind you she seems to be enjoying herself. I wanted to have a bit of a chat with her but then the daddies came down and River came bounding in and jumped up on Stay daddies lap so that was that.

I've been feeling really close to River these days and thought I'd tell her her friend was outside. Strange how those two have become friends over this past year but hey some of the oddest couples work.

As much as I tried to say to her to look out of the window I don't think she understood as she just sat there staring at me, the occasional blink. As soon as I could see that she was getting ready to jump I thought I'd best be off, I've learnt the tell tale signs!

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