Tuesday, 1 October 2013

If He Get's It Done In Time

Daddies been out in that garden again this afternoon, doing all sorts of pulling things around and sweeping and things, tidying up some of the mess he made at the weekend but it all seems to be a part of his plan, whatever it is that he's up to.

I decided to keep out of it and see what he'd done once the tools are put away, he's never the safest person to be around when he had things in his hands.

I couldn't quite see what he was up to from there so I decided to go and take a closer look but it's a jump from one roof to another and I've never really liked taking it but he's closed the bedroom window so I guess my only option is to go forwards.

Um well, if I stretch maybe I can see it from here.

No. No option here I go.

Right I must tread carefully up here I'm always hearing daddy say that.

Um well, it's a start I suppose. If he gets in done in time it'll be a perfect venue for the Cat Party on Saturday, just out the way enough for us not to be spotted from indoors.