Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Get Prepared - Yes I Agree A Miracle

What a lovely morning I've had asleep up with Daddy in the office. Like River I've got my own blanket that nanny made to sleep on so we don't have to share one and I was just snoozing away on mine when I heard Daddy finish his call and tell me to get prepared. I should have guessed what was coming, only one thing indoors that I ever have to be prepared about, River was coming.

He went downstairs and brought her up calling my name.

*Deep breath* and I jumped onto the floor, if she did get herself over excited I'd have a clear route through the doorway and down the stairs, River can't do wooden stairs so I knew I'd be OK.

Well in she walked, I think a little surprised at being allowed up here and walked up to me slowly, well if she's willing so am I, it is her birthday after all. So I went up to her and nearly touched my nose on her's, good the shower she was caught in this morning has cleaned some of that mud off her and what with the spray Disappears Daddy put on her she's smelling very nice today.

I didn't want to chance my luck and when she blinked twice I thought I could see something going through her mind so I jumped up onto the window ledge, just to remove temptation, and I have to agree with Stay Daddy, yes, it'a a miracle!

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