Saturday 12 October 2013

When The Cats Arrive

I've kept out of Stay Daddies way today, he's had a tense 24 hours and I didn't want my buzz of the Cat Party to be ruined by him but I did fancy a bit of attention before I went out so I went up to Disappears for a bit of a stroke. 

I'm very excited about tonight, a Cat Party, a proper Cat Party is a rare occasion and one when called can attract a lot of attention. I've been squirrelling away Dreamies for the past few days, pretending I wouldn't eat my dinner unless Daddy gave me extra. It worked!

We're meeting at 11 it possible it could go on all night and as I've not seen anyone much around today I'm assuming everyone's getting themselves prepared.

I don't like to stress so I did my preening early. I was right it didn't take long for River to disturb me and chase me but I am in a good mood so I let her run after me for a while before jumping out of her way. She can't get up by AloHa so I can still chill out until it's time to go out and from this position I can see when the cats arrive!

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