Sunday 6 October 2013

Probably Trying To Keep His Head Low. Yeah Take Shame!

It's unseasonally warm today for it being an October but it does mean one thing, us cats are out and about today. It's not too warm to make us sleepy but it's warm enough to just sit and enjoy the day go by, listening to the sounds of the Sparrow Sister flying about having a gossip. Even the faint bark of some dog that lives up the back of M's is not even bothering me or ruining my chilled mood.

R's been trying to cut his lawn but Mogsie's been out and about and kept on sitting on the patch that R wanted to cut. Nice to see he's getting his spirit back again.

He;s also been watching the movement of the lighter Naughty Twin and her two kittens back over the road to where they actually do live, not that you'd know it the amount of time they spend over M's.

The Cat Party didn't take place last night, I guess I didn't give myself enough time to prepare and a Cat Party, a real Cat Party I mean, is not something to be rushed! It;s a very special occasion. I am however going to plan for it to be next Saturday night. The Daddies have finished mucking about in the garden for a while so I can now see what I've got to work with, we're definitely having it up by the back of the garage, out of the way of prying eyes.

Spit's also still missing. He seems to do a bit of a runner whenever there's new babies around but he turns back up after a couple of weeks. Probably trying to keep his head low. Yeah take shame!