Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A Double Celebration

It truly is a week for surprises here, I've just heard from Twizzle


You will never believe what has happened today!   It's nothing to do with
Mogsie, thank goodness.   The lighter Naughty Twin has just had two kittens
in Mogsie's kennel!   My Mum couldn't believe what she saw when she looked
in it.   A little white one and a little dark one.  What are we going to do?

Luv and purrs


Well I couldn't respond quick enough;

Hello Twizzle,

OMG thanks for letting me know I bet that was a massive surprise, I saw
Mogsie and George chatting intently earlier on today I bet it must have been
about that. How cute and truly a celebration week for Catworld although I'm
surprised your mummies not having kittens herself with everyone moving in or
giving birth there. I want to say don't tell Daddy because I know him he'll
want them but I will pass the message over as I'm sure he'll want to come
and see them.

Lots of love Lil'

And on River's birthday too!