Monday, 28 October 2013

We Made It

Well am I glad that night is over. It was a all share the bed night, Daddy pre-warned me that River was to join us last night in bed in case she got scared during the night.

It wasn't too bad when we first went to bed but by 3 I was wide awake, the wind was blowing through the piles echoing all through the house. River and the Daddies slept through it but us cats are more sensitive creatures and I jumped up on the window to keep an eye out for everyone.

I can't remember seeing the trees blow so much but somehow they kept themselves OK. I was so worried about Squirrel Tree, I've no idea where Craig and the gang sheltered they couldn't have stayed in their home.

Eventually I went back to bed and cuddled up with Daddy who had woken up and had called to me to snuggle in tight, I didn't need telling twice. River and Disappears were snoring so I guess they were oblivious.

I fell back asleep and woke when River decided to give Stay a morning face bath, the sun was just coming up, I guess a couple of hours must have passed since I last checked and looking out the window I could see everything in the garden looked OK.

Stay got up and offered to bring River down but she decided to stay in bed and so I came down with Stay who immediately went outside to check on everything, he should have worn more than his dressing gown as he nearly flashed the world, it's still very, very windy out there. Coming in he said it wasn't too bad, the gates broken apparently but miraculously the fence is still standing.

He then went out the front and said he could see some tree's in E's garden had toppled, they were very big ones, so I jumped up in the window to have a look. Oh yes I can see but wow the sky looks amazing. I wonder when this wind is going to stop?

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