Monday 30 March 2015


I've been tricked by Daddy and I'm not that impressed.

He always calls me to come and give him a cuddle when he comes down in the morning. Sometimes I fancy it and sometimes I don't and just go about my business.

For some reason he was being extra attentive this morning and calling my name out again and again. My catty powers were telling me to stay where I was but I ignored them much to my chagrin, the lure of extra Dreamies was too much and just as I was munching away suddenly I felt two gentle hands lift me up and put me in this box thing again.

Oh no I remembered what happened last time, I went to see the Doctor and today was no exception. I don't mind it too much, it's the journey in the car I'm not too fond about, the Doctor said I probably got car sick as she pinched my neck and put another injection of stuff in me as Daddy looked at me in the eye and said not to worry everything was going to be OK.

It was and he's forewarned me, in about a month I'm coming back for the last time in a long time, just a little operation he said, nothing but a small snip. Um not sure I'm liking the thought of an operation no matter how small he says it will be, he comes calling like that again shaking the Dreamies packet and I'm on my toes!