Saturday 28 March 2015

You Don't Need To Set An Alarm Clock

It's been a funny few days and all rather tiring so I was glad to see that today was going to be a lazy day where we could all just chill and gather our thoughts waiting for Daddy to come home from his big work adventure.
One thing I've learnt here you don't need to set an alarm clock if you are waiting for something to happen, River seems to have this inbuilt system as astute as a cats and when she's up, well everyone's up, her barking alerted me that Daddy was home.
Ah bless her, she so needs her touches and strokes, I do but when I'm ready, another advantage of being a cat, we're very independent creatures. She was so happy to see him, if she was a cat she would have been purring.
But she's a dog and so frenzied activity apparently involving me was the route she chose to take to celebrate Daddies return! 

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