Thursday 12 March 2015

A Mystery To Solve

The day's just got better and better. I spent most of the morning getting used to how the backdoor flap works and I think I have it sussed.

Knock with your nose and jump all at the same time is the best way in and out. I'm getting at jumping so that was no problem, I think it's one of my best skills, although now I'm mastering this multi-tasking lark.

I was pretty pleased and exhausted with myself so I decided to spend the afternoon getting a little more familiar with how the outside world looks. River was asleep on the sofa so I had the window all to myself and I saw Mogsie strutting around getting the sun on his back.

Once he'd got himself settled I knocked on the window to get his attention. 

Once, nothing, twice, nothing and on the third time, and I really knocked so loud that River looked up he turned to face me but he did nothing just stared in my direction. 

My catty powers are kicking in and I sense there's some sort of a problem between the two of us but I've no idea why, it's certainly a mystery to solve, I think I'll ask George if he knows why next time he pops over.