Saturday 7 March 2015

A Force Of Habit

Wow, everyone is up and about very early for a Saturday. 
I was thinking a lie in would be a good idea but Daddy had a different idea, almost as soon as he was awake, the covers were thrown back, in the most ungraceful style, and up he jumped ensuing we were all up.

All the windows were opened up and the windy came blowing in, something he said to do with good Feng Shui, he's getting a little obsessed but it seems to be keeping him happy and it does seem to serve me well, I can get used to the fresh smells of the outside world before I venture out.

I tried again yesterday afternoon but found he'd locked the back door flap, I think it must be a force of habit, yeah well one I wish he'd hurry up and break.

Anyway I know today it's not going to be a problem I overheard both the Daddies talking and it seems a day in the garden is in order and that means for all of us!

I'll just wait until they are all engrossed in what they are doing before I go out, I don't want all the attention to be on me, I'm so excited my first real taste of freedom.