Tuesday 3 March 2015

He Said It's A Little Late

I was having a lovely early morning run around with River when all of a sudden Daddy picked me up and said come on you're coming with me, we're getting you your injections.


Don't like the sound of that and I started to run away but then he said it was OK and I should go and have a look at the box he put out, it had my cardigan in it and everything would be OK.

He said not to worry, he said it's a little late but all cats and dogs get injections just to make sure they'll be well and fit and healthy.

OK well that sounded like a good plan. He also then said the best bit, he said he was getting them now because he thought I was big enough to be able to go outside whenever I wanted. It was finally about to happen, the back door entrance was going to be unlocked!

Come on then, what are we waiting for?