Sunday 29 March 2015

To Find Missing Time

Something very strange has happened.

My Daddy who goes out most days went out today even though it was Sunday, off to work he said. Work on a Sunday? River and my other Daddy spent their time getting ready, I waited for them outside of the bathroom, I was feeling very hungry and couldn't wait until we all came downstairs for breakfast, crunchies and scrambled egg.

Then Daddy said something very strange, he said the day had lost an hour over night and he needed to get on, he had lots to do.

 I looked at him to see if he was pulling my leg but no his face said he was being very serious indeed. What could he mean, the day had lost an hour? 

Maybe this has got something to do with the day turning to night? I'm very confused by his words and jumped up on the window ledge to see if anyone was around so I could ask them if they'd heard about this mystery as well. I waited there for ages but no one was around, the rain was coming down rather heavily and I guess everyone's keeping inside in the dry and warm but so I decided I was just going to sit here and try to find the missing time!