Friday 20 March 2015

Eclipse - Magic Must Have Been On My Side

It's happened, it's happened, the day turned to night.

After spotting Mogsie this morning walking around taking stock I was on high alert. I tried to distract myself by playing chase with River but my mind just wasn't on it and so I ran upstairs to be with Daddy but he was locked away in the secret room so I went into the bedroom and looked out the window.

I noticed it starting at about 9 am the birds started to go quiet from their usual morning chatter, they'd been quiet anyway but now their was silence.

It's a cloudy morning and so I couldn't get a proper look at the sun but the clouds were turning darker and darker, not like they do if there's to be a storm, no this was like it happens as night falls.

George's words were ringing in my ears, run and hide, run and hide but there was something almost hypnotic about the events taking place. I should have been scared by I was more hypnotised and carried on looking waiting for something else to happen although I don't know what.

I checked the clock and it was now a quarter past and it was getting very dark, I scanned the room to make sure all my safe places weren't blocked with clothes or something Daddy had dropped on the floor. Phew they were OK, if it all got too much I knew I could run under the cabinet, I'm fast and nimble it would take just seconds from where I was sitting.

I looked to see if any other cats were around but no, George must have got the message out far and wide the only cat I could see was myself reflecting in the window. I didn't often look at myself so I took a moment or two to check out how I had grown, I wasn't a little kitten anymore, no I was certainly turning into a young man, maybe this is what handsome looks like, Daddy often calls me that then all of a sudden my heart stopped, a bead of sweat broke out on my forehead and I froze.

I looked again, and yes for a second time, just for a fraction of a second there was something in my eyes, something changed, just for a second a flash of green like a sparkling emerald broke through the brown.

Now I was scared, what was that? What happened? Oh why didn't I listen to George?

I was right I could make my safe place within 2 seconds. My heart pounding I crouched down and closed my eyes tight. Please let it be OK, please!

There I stayed eyes closed as tight as they ever had until I heard Daddy moving around. Maybe everything was OK. Slowly I opened mine and the room was all light again. I poked my head out and heard River downstairs jump up and bark at Daddy as he walked down them.

Everything seemed OK, a normal Friday morning. I stretched my back legs and came out into the open, looking left and right.

Looking up at the window I could see normal daylight and hear the birds all chatting away. I jumped onto the bed. Yes that was fine. Then I jumped up onto the window ledge and looked outside, a normal Friday morning indeed.

I caught a reflection of myself in the glass and as much as I wanted to look I didn't want to either but I knew it would pray on my mind unless I did. There they were my brown eyes, brown. I must have stayed there a good five minutes just staring just to make sure.

Maybe it was all in my imagination, maybe it was a trick of the light, or maybe it was something else and I'd had a close escape, magic must have been on my side and I thank my lucky stars for I'd won the lottery. Whatever it was I'm going to make sure I always listen to George in the future!