Thursday 26 March 2015

The Colour Of Renewal And Rebirth

Today and not a paint brush in sight, thank goodness, the peace has given me time to think about all this green colour business going on. It strange how it seems to be everywhere around me at the moment, and my catty powers just won't let it rest, I feel there's something in it.

Luckily Daddy is getting a little lax where it comes to shutting the secret room door and as much as I was cautious about entering to speak to Greego, I've still not ventured out to find this thing of his in some wood of which neither of us knows where there doesn't seem to be anyone else around here that could provide me some answers so in I ventured.
"Spread um!" A voice boomed at me as soon as I entered. I was taken so much by surprise I instantly reacted. Then I heard a giggle, Greego.
"I've been waiting for you, welcome my great adventurer."
I looked up, Greego was sitting on his shelf looking down and grinning.

"What was it, what was it I lost?"

"Er...." I didn't know what to say.

"Have you returned here again empty handed?" He tutted.

"Of course you have, for the sake of flying fairies, why do you think you can come in here bothering me without bringing me my thing?"

"I need to ask you a question, it might help me in my search." I was winging it but I was beginning to figure out the best way in dealing with Greego was to play him at his own game.

"Um." He put rested his chin in his hand. "Go on then."

"Green, what do you now about the colour green?"

"You having a laugh?" He half smiled at me. 

"No." The best way to play is play with confidence. "The colour green keeps on popping up around me all the time at the moment and something in me makes me think it might be helpful in my search for your thing.

Greego laughed. "Good try David-Shiro but this is not about my thing at all, this is about you. Do you really think us Pixie's have survived thousands of years without seeing through such deceptions?" 

He looked angry and I thought I'd pushed it too far then a great big grin came all over his face.

"I like your style David-Shiro playing the player, cheeky little cat but as I say I like your style so OK you can have a free one on me. Green is the colour of harmony and balance, the thing between the head and the heart, a colour of growth and fertility, of Spring. It's also the colour of a mental clarity and inviting hope, renewal and rebirth."

"Wow!" I wasn't expecting all that and didn't know what to say, I got up to leave then turned to thank Greego.

"Oh yes and one more thing." 

"What's that?" 

"It's also the colour of your eyes." Greego threw back his head laughing manically.