Monday 12 January 2015

My Social Life

I was so looking forward to getting to know George a little better today and got myself in prime position first thing.
We hadn't arranged a time and I didn't want to miss him so I settled myself on the top of the chair, it's got a great view from up there but before he could pop over a big van drew up and some men got out.

I didn't know when and ran under the sofa until I could get used to them but almost as soon as they arrived they started to make a big noise, drilling and the such and I have to admit it was too much for my ears and so I ran upstairs to hide.

I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow now as the men have not long gone but as it's getting dark I know Daddy will be putting down the blinds. I really must work on a way of being able to get out the door when he let's River out, it's very restrictive on my social life being shut in all the time!

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