Friday 23 January 2015

And Out The Door I Went!

The most fabulous thing has just happened. Daddy has been letting River in and out of the back door all morning. I've been watching from my favourite spot on the table amid the bric-a-brac and this time I spotted another cat sitting on the shed at the back of the gardens. I watched him for ages to see what he was doing, he just appeared to be lost in thought although at times I could swear he was looking directly at me.

Fabulous, another new cat has come to meet me. 

I wasn't the only one who spotted him as all of a sudden River started barking at him but this cat is a brave cat and didn't flinch, not one milometer.

It was then that I spotted Daddy had left the back door open and I jumped from the table, carefully looking around to see that I hadn't been noticed, he was doing something in the kitchen and slowly edged my way towards the open door.
My heart was pounding, all this time I've been trying to find a way out and here it was, the perfect escape route, an open door.

I got settled right by the door on the chest next to it, my heart pounding away, this was exciting and scary all at the same time and taking one last glance in the kitchen, great he was absorbed in what he was doing, I took a step forward and out the door I went.

Tentatively I peered around the door and spotted River trying to knock down a wall or something. I sniffed the cold air, flipping heck it was cold out here, I wonder if it's always like this?

There was something about the place that River was that made me nervous, either that or I was petrified to get caught, I knew I was being a bit naughty but it was worth it to feel that at any moment the whole of the back garden could be my playground.
I wasn't ready yet to go too far, last time I was out here both the Daddies were with me, so I felt safe, so I sat on the step and just watched what was going on, I'd totally forgotten about the other cat, there was so many sights and smells and thought going through my mind.

River spotted me sitting there are started coming running towards me, such a noise she was making that Daddy turned around and spotted me.

Oops, busted and I ran straight back indoors, excitement running through my veins, I could feel my blood going a hundred miles an hour and ran straight into the living room and hid under the sofa, half expecting a great big telling off.

But when he came in he didn't say anything so I slowly crept out and he gave me a tummy rub and asked if I'd enjoyed myself.  Damn he was OK with me going out and I hadn't taken advantage of it. River came over and wanted to play with me, and we started to play rough and tumble, I'd a lot of energy to burn off, adrenalin burning a racetrack through my body.

That was exhilarating!

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