Wednesday 28 January 2015

1 Year Ago Today

Daddy was very absorbed looking at some pictures on his computer, his face seemed sad and I went over to sit next to him to see what he was looking at.

He saw me looking and leaned over and gave me a little head stroke and tickle under the chin before turning the screen so that I could see properly.

"This is Lil," he said, "she was our little darling, before you joined us."

I've heard the Daddies talking about Lil' before and I'd seen some pictures they have around the house but I hadn't seen this particular picture before. She sure was a beautiful cat, mind you I think all cats are, lovely eyes she had, her's were green, whereas mine are brown. I think we would have gotten on very well from what I've heard, although I did hear it took her a while to cuddle up with River, now that I cannot understand she's fabulous to lay with.

"She lived with us for a very long time," Daddy said as he took a deep sign, "and it's 1 year ago today that she went to sleep, we all miss her very much."

I saw a little tear in his eye but he tried to hide it, his lips may have turned into a smile as he tickled me but I could tell he was sad.

"Still," he said, "you're here with us now... and I think Lil' would have approved," he smiled again a little more convincing, "Yes she would have loved you."

I think I would have loved her too!