Thursday 8 January 2015

It's So Much Fun Being Up All Night

Oh it's so much fun being up all night.

I was fast asleep last night when all of a sudden I heard little feet going running around on the floor, room to room to room. I thought it was River maybe going for a little search about as she does sometimes but then I heard her going downstairs, she's not the quietest it's amazing how much noise such a small dog can make.

I didn't want to miss out so I woke myself up fully and went down to see what she was up to. When I got downstairs I found her running around jumping up and down on the beanbag and the sofa. Well if she was up for play so was I, although I was a little shocked at the noise she was making us cats are quiet by nature, it appears dogs are not.

All of a sudden I heard more footsteps on the stairs and the light went on and there was Daddy asking us what we thought we were doing. He didn't look too happy, he picked River up under his arm and we all went back upstairs to bed again.

I was so excited, it seemed so naughty but funny what we were doing and I could hear River not really settling down so I jumped up an the bed to see what she was up to.

She liked that I could tell, a blink of her eyes and a small little grin came on her face and quick as a flash we were both off the bed and running downstairs again. This time she really didn't care and ran up to the backdoor and started barking.

It wasn't too long before Daddies footsteps could be heard again, on went the lights, up went River tucked under his arm, shhhhh in a fairly loud voice came from his mouth and up we went again. This time he kept her very firmly under his arm as he tried to settle himself to sleep.

I don't think he found it easy I could hear lots of puffing coming from him.

The only trouble is, I'm so tired today, I just can't stop yawning.

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