Sunday 25 January 2015

My Mind Was Dancing With Possibilities

Daddy has been tidying up, yesterday he was creating quiet a mess upstairs in the secret room and today he's been bringing stuff down and taking it all out into the garage and the best thing, he left the backdoor open!

I looked left and I looked right, no one was watching, courage building I started to venture outside for the third time.

River was sniffing her way through the plants at the end of the garden, lost deep in thought she hadn't heard me come out. I pondered whether I should run up to her or call out, I didn't want to make myself noticed and have the door shut on me again.

"Psst River." I called, she didn't hear me.
"Oi!" I shouted as loud as I dared. 

River spun around a glint of joy in her eyes, she'd spotted me. I didn't know whether I should run to her or what, my mind was dancing with possibilities my feet however weren't really working.
Luckily River is more experienced at these sort of things and came running to get me, although I was a bit surprised and a little bit overwhelmed I think and ran back inside.

Thant's enough for today, step-by-step, day-by-day. 

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