Sunday 18 January 2015

There's A New Kid In Town

What a day it's turning out to be! 

George still hasn't popped over and while I was waiting there was a bit of a to-do between Daddy and River over some cushions, the big fluffy ones on the sofa. River likes to tear at the fur and play with it but Daddy said he couldn't allow it anymore, not only was there fur all over the floor and he didn't want to have to hoover everyday but more importantly she might get some stuck in her tummy and he couldn't have that. 
So they tussled with them for a while before he finally managed to wrestled them from her and take them upstairs into the secret room.

River wasn't happy and sat on the sofa looking all sad. I thought she was going to cry so I jumped up to sit with her just to make sure she was OK and that's when I spotted some movement on the shed out the back. 

I adjusted my eyes, it's turned a bit bright out there and the sun is reflecting on the rain puddles everywhere like a laser beam is blinding. I wanted to be sure and yes as I thought, there's another couple of cats that I've not seen before sitting right up there.

I've been keeping my eyes peeled for sometime but all of a sudden all these cats are appearing out of nowhere. I think word must have got out, there's a new kid in town.

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