Sunday 25 January 2015

He Wants To Show Me The World

Well things did settled down a bit this afternoon, amazing what a bit of beef will do, send River into a deep sleep that's what it'll do.

Although I was sleepy I didn't fancy having a snooze yet and I jumped up into the window to have a little look out of the window. I wasn't there more than ten minutes when all of a sudden I  heard a familiar voice.

"Hi David-Shiro."

I looked down and there sitting right outside the window was George.

"George." I was so happy to see him, "Hello, I've missed you. I was waiting for you to help me get out but I managed it all by myself."

George smiled, "Have you indeed." 

"Yes," I was so excited to tell him, "I managed to creep our twice before Daddy spotted me."

George licked his paw, he must have just had lunch too.

"I didn't go too far just out the back garden, it was fabulous."

"I bet it was! When are you coming out to explore, there so much I want to show you?" George smiled. "There's a big world out here and I think you are going to love it and if you let me I want to show you all around."

My heart and mind flip flopped. Not only have a got a new best cat friend but he want to show me the world.

"When can we do it?" I wanted to do it now.

George smiled and blinked back a drop from his weepy eye. "You just let me know little one, I'm ready and waiting."

He wasn't the only one!