Sunday 4 January 2015

An Invitation

I was just having a little think and muse on my plan to get out into the outside world, drifting in and out of my catty powers to see if that could provide me a solution. When you tune in to your catty powers it can be a very tiring experience and it's easy to get distracted. I've found it best if I close my eyes and see what I can see without outside influence. It's not helped however when you look up and see a pair of dark brown eyes staring at you less than an inch away from your face.
It startled me, and I jumped up, I just wasn't expecting it and I reacted almost before I could think.

Wrong thing to do, River took it as an invitation to come and tickle my feet and my concentration was totally lost, just as the solution to my dilemma felt on the tip of my tongue. Great back to the drawing board it is then.

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