Sunday 18 January 2015

And Then I Spotted Mogsie

Everyone was all snuggled up in the living room, it's very cold today. Daddy said he read somewhere that last night was supposed to be the coldest night for three years and by the cold blast that came from the backdoor when he opened it to let River out earlier I cannot disagree.
I guessed I wouldn't be let out today so I settled myself by the front window, hoping George would pop by and we could have another little chat. I am enjoying finding out about all the cats that live in Catworld and I wanted to have another go at seeing if I could get some more information about this curse thing he was talking about yesterday, it's all very intriguing. 

So there I was waiting and hoping, a fly catching my attention and then I spotted Mogsie sitting across the road staring in this direction. 

I waved to get his attention but I think he may have been lost in thought as there was no recognition to my waving, not even a twitch of his ear.

Still it's nice that I'm getting to meet more cats now, how I long to go out and play.