Sunday 11 January 2015

First Contact

Finally it's a beautiful sunny day, there's been so many rotten ones recently that I almost forgot what the sun looks like. I was dozing on the living room floor when a burst of sunlight came through the window and shone straight into my face and brought me back to consciousness.

I decided to take advantage of it by going into the window, it's lovely and warm in there, but just as I was settling out of nowhere I heard a;


I looked around to see who it was, it didn't sound like either of the Daddies and I knew for certain it wasn't River.

"Hello there."

I turned to look right and there sitting on the doorstep was that cat with the black and white face that I'd seen before, the one that was all shaved when I saw him before. I gasped inside, here it was first contact with the cats from around here.

"Hello", I said back.

He blinked back at me, a gloop of something dripping from his eye.

"I'm David-Shiro" I smiled back.

"I'm George and I live over the road from you. I've been over before to introduce myself and say welcome my mummy and daddy told me you were here but I guess we've just not been around at the same time."
I was so excited, here right in front of me was another cat and I think he wanted to be my friend.

"I've seen you before out of the window."

He nodded.

"Your face was all shaved."

"Yes", he began "I had a little problem and I had to go to see the doctor but I'm OK now."

"That must have been scary."

He paused in thought for a moment. "Yes for a while it was but I'm lucky I've got some great people looking out for me, although I just can't seen to shift this eye problem I've got no matter what they do, the cold doesn't help it much, I'm not a fan of Winter."

This was fabulous, here I was talking to another cat. Don't get me wrong, River is and always will be my best friend but I do feel I need some cat friends too and George seemed very friendly.

"Are there lot's of other cats around here, I've seen a few but I don't really know anyone much yet, Daddy doesn't let me out much although he said he will one day?"

He looked a bit sad and put his head down for a few moments, lost in thought.

"Not as many of us as there used to be."

I thought for a moment he was going to cry but then he lifted his head back up and smiled;

"I live with two other cats, I don't know if you've met them yet, Mogsie and Twizzle."

How lucky is he, two other cats!

"Mogsie is the one with the big fluffy coat."

"Yes," I replied, "I think I've seen him around."

"You'd know if you'd seen Twizzle, she takes our Daddy out for a walk but she doesn't come over this side of the road."

"I'd like to meet them, I don't really know many people yet, apart from River and my Daddies and some people that come indoors. I'd like some friends."

I paused I didn't know how to put the next bit, I felt a bit shy;

"Are we friends?"

He smiled back at me;

"Of course we're friends and I think we are going to become very, very good friends."

I was so happy. I've got a cat friend and he lives just over the road. I could have sat there talking to him all day but I could hear Daddy rattling my dinner bowl and calling me.

"I'd better go now but will you come around again tomorrow?"

"That would be lovely," he nodded, got up and ran back over the road. It must have been his dinnertime too.