Wednesday 21 January 2015

You See I've Had An Idea!

Pretty much all day I've sat at the window looking out to see if George was popping over for a chat, but nothing, no sign at all.

You see I've had an idea, but I need his help.

As you know Daddy is so protective of me he;s not really been letting me go outside and if I'm to make new friends that's exactly what I need to do.

Now I've noticed that the door flap in the backdoor opens one way the way that Daddy has set it, it opens inwards. I've tried when River is coming in from the garden to get past her and get out but she takes up all the room and there's no way the two of us can squeeze through the hole at the same time. BUT If George were to go around the back and start to come in and move the flap up I should be able to get half way through and stop it from closing.

he can then back out so he's not trapped inside and I can follow him and ta dah, I'm out!

I just need him to turn up so I can get his help. Oh where are you George?