Friday, 31 May 2013

We Ran Together

We've just had a little chat River and I. I was coming downstairs and she must have heard me as she bounded into sight, tail wagging as per. Instead of lashing out or running back upstairs I thought you know what I think I'll give her a break and just stay where I was and so I did.

She really is a curious little thing and I know she means no harm all waggly tail and floppy hair, exuberant energy and bright eyes. I just sat there looking at her as she danced around on the spot in that funny little circle dancey thing she does when she's all excited, not an ounce of harm in her and I remembered. 

I remembered what it used to be like to look at the world in wonder before life happened full of changes and disappointments, ups and downs, losses and births and exhaustion. It was a marvellous time and it must be fantastic to have all that ahead of you, she's such a sunny disposition that I guess she'll manage to keep hold of that too whereas I think mine's going. I'm feeling old and sluggish and plain tired out. Don't get me wrong I'm not feeling all sorry for myself I'm just different to how I was and when your faced on a daily basis with something so young and fresh it reminds you of what once was so I sat there and talked to her for a while. 

She didn't say anything, I'm not sure if her grasp of cat is that good yet but she's learning and seemed happy for us to spend some time together. I then heard daddy serving up dinner and so did River and off we both ran but you know what this time I wasn't chased, we ran together.

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