Monday, 27 May 2013

Cold-Water Woke Me Up

Well that's that nice little sleep over with! With one great big breath of air daddy snoored so loud it cold water woke me up. Oh well might as well get up it's lovely and sunny out there as I suppose I did sleep yesterday pretty much away.
Down the stairs and I see Rivers knackered in nannies chair in the window and daddy is sitting with the windows open watching some crap on the TV. Coast looked clear so I jumped up next to daddy and started getting a stroke.

Out the window I saw the lighter Naughty Twin was having a nice stroll in the sun enjoying herself.

Ahh this was lovely a perfect Bank Holiday Monday sunny day in Catworld, River was asleep and I had all of daddies attention, perfect. I glazed out for a while just loving it, my eyes closing to really just tune out, bliss! After the most amazing neck massage I opened my eyes and saw that two Crows had come calling. Um interesting they usually bring a message with them, the crows are the towncryers in the Land Of Birds. Ahh this was bliss I was now getting a soothing head stroke.

"I'm not lying Simon" blasted from the TV. Daddy laughed and sprayed diet coke all over me, River jumped up and lunged.

That's twice now, TWICE! What is it with me and just being able to chill today!?