Tuesday, 7 May 2013

That's That Then!

I'm guessing Sarah has had a word with George as he's just called by to speak to me. Stay daddy went out ot get Disappear and took River with him so I had the place all to myself, I don't count Nadia as she's such a quiet little thing.

I was sitting in the window when he walked up from around the side of C's. The window was closed so again I had toi apply my lip reading skills.

Hello, he said

I nodded back

I guess you've heard

I nodded back again

I'm sorry, it just kind of happened we got closer when she had her kittens.

What can I say to that? If he wants to be with her so be it, I'm never one to play that foolish game of longing after someone that wants to be with another.

Thanks for finally letting me know.

I couldn't help the slight tone of sarcasm in my voice. The daddies car drew back up so I jumped off the window and went up to the table. There's no more to say on the matter really, that's that then!