Sunday, 5 May 2013

Thank Goodness Someone's Got Their Wits About Them

What with my mind being all over the place with the discovery of The Wiseman in pieces I totally forgot about Nadia. I feel terrible how could I if she had been out over night she could also have been a victim of his evilness. Thank goodness someone's still got their wits about them, after daddy came back inside he carried on looking for Nadia and he found her hiding under the sink where he'd had put some food for her out of the way of River. I'm so glad she's safe. 

Now I can fully focus again on Foxy Lectar and what we are to do about him, I now know it's him as I went back up there after daddy came in and saw a little snatch of his fur. I know Mogsie and the darker Naughty Twin were coming up with a plan the other day but I've not seen them since to talk to so I've no idea what they've come up with. Oh where is he, I need to tell him what's occurred?